Day Trip to Jaco

I had a craving for the beach since the last time was April... so did some other girls I met randomly. Sooooo there we went! We rode the bus from San Jose to the coast in the early, early morning, enjoyed a day in the sun, and then rode the bus back! Total transportation cost: $10. Food cost: $8. Not bad.

The four musketeers for the day. L2R: Joni, me, Amy, Chrissy. Joni is studying at the Institute just for the summer as she's in college for nursing. Amy has been volunteering at Sojourn for the last month and will be returning to the States on Monday. Chrissy just arrived in CR last Monday volunteering with an organization called Latin Link... She just graduated from Imperial University in London. Quite the random group, but we definitely made the best of it!
This dog hiked with us all the way down the beach and back. Her collar said, "Hola. I am Clarita." and then a phone number for tracking down her owner. Other dogs would approach us, and Clarita would run them off!

Kate the explorer... I have potential, don't I? ha.
Then! We had a surprise and slightly impulsive adventure as we went horseback riding! I'm a little sunburnt at this point in the day (I'm tempted to make the photo black and white so you can't tell!). We rode for about an hour and a half... my rearend is reminding me this morning.

I know this isn't the best photo in terms of detail, but I like it for it's artistic nature.

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