Emergency Room

Latest adventure: people watching in the emergency room. Apparently the thing to do here in Costa Rica when you're vomitting every 20 minutes is go to the emergency room... so I was there from 3am to 9am. 3 IV bags later, they finally let me go. No worries, I'm recovering here at home with Jell-O and ginger ale... My tico family is seriously awesome for taking care of me right now.

The photo is from when I was released... ManRi wanted a photo for his cell phone, and I look greeeeeat, ha.


jk.crumrine said...

I'm glad that you're okay and that your tico family is taking good care of you. Now you can say that you've experienced an emergency room in a foreign country, and I hope you don't have to do that again! Love, Aunt Janna

K Siscoe said...

Did you understand the doctor?
Love ya!

Kathryn Siscoe said...

I did actually!! there was only one time that I asked Blanca what he meant because I didn´t understand one word! Ha, it was definitely quite the adventure.

Oh, there was one nurse that asked m "Tiene dolor?" and I was like "huh?" and she repeated herself and I repeated myself and then she said "PAIN???" really loud as if that would help me understand. Ha, I was like " oh, si". Haha. whoops.

Jaclyn Miller said...

I echo that I hope you're okay! But seriously what is living in a foreign country if you can't experience their medicial facilities? Ha! But I do hope you're doing better! I have been thinking of you a lot these past two weeks and been praying for you! miss you and love you! - jac