Last Day of School!!

We (Kim, Kim, Trish, and I) have survived one year of teaching in the craziness of Sojourn Academy. Seriously, when I walked out of school Friday, I felt as if I had graduated from college all over again. What an accomplishment!! And on top of learning a language and living so far away from home... wow.

My "sextuplets". One day I just had these girls lined up at the bathroom because the other tico students were in English classes, and a high schooler commented that it looked like I had sextuplets because they're all about the same shade of blonde... sure enough, it stuck. L2R: Annabel, Carissa, Brooklyn, Rebecca, Katie, Christina.

And the other part of the class... My other quintuplets, ha. L2R: Gabriela, Valeria, Paula, Nicole, Diego.

I'm not exactly sure what's going on in this photo, but it well illustrates the hyper craziness of the last moments of the last school day. Seriously, there was no turning back once we ate the various treats parents had sent in.

The photo above is Gaby taking my picture on the last day. I love the how students in the background want to be part of the photo too :). It's quite the artistic shot, if I do say so myself. :)
And Kim keeping students awake during the Talent Show with water guns!!! Haha, she's hilarious... Kim won't be returning to Sojourn next year, so I'm grieving over her loss... but she did donate the water guns to my teacher supplies. :) Wonder what I can use them for next year...

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