Planting Seeds

Teaching is all about planting seeds. Seeds of math strategies, historical lessons, science concepts, the joy of reading. Each teacher waters and fertilizes and weeds what the last teacher planted. We all hope and pray it grows. And then the end of the school year comes and we say goodbye.

Dad sent me this photo from their recent trip to Iowa. The house behind the white car was the parsonage we lived in while Dad was pastor of his first church. Mom looks tiny standing next to the tree in the front yard... the tree I brought home from kindergarten and we planted in the front yard. It fit in a cup when we planted it... now it's two times the size of the house!

The tree a good reminder that my students will grow. Not because of me, but because of God. So ultimately, teaching is all about putting in my best work and trusting God with the rest of the growth. Hopefully my students will be giants like this!!! :)

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K Siscoe said...

Awesome analogy. NOW I am glad you brought a tree home from school!
Thanks for calling me 6 times for Father's Day!
Love ya!