Lack of Posting

I have like 5 sets of photos to post, but for some reason, blogger.com is having difficulties uploading photos. Without photos, I don't think my posts are as memorable, lol, but I can list a few of the exciting latest events.

Bethabá School Visits Sojourn
Another private school here in San José had a field trip for a morning at Sojourn to experience a morning of English learning. It was fun for the students but difficult for the teachers as the Bethabá students didn't speak much English at all. Because the whole purpose was to give all students an English immersion, I had to resist the temptation to translate. I have photos to testify to the interesting morning we all had.

National Theater Field Trip
3rd, 4th, and 5th just went to the National Theater yesterday to see the Julliard School from New York perform. We had practiced our ''Theater Positions'' for the last week in preparation, and the students were so excited to be part of the event! We were the only school group there and several adults around us remarked how cute or how well behaved they were! :) We enjoyed exploring the upstairs of the theater afterwards as well... even seeing the ball room that looks as if it were straight from a fairy tale! (well, the girls really enjoyed that part :))

Trish Sick
My roomie has been and still is sick. We spent the evening last night at the private hospital's emergency room so she could be hydrated again. The good news is I graded a lot of my student's recent work while sitting in the waiting room... and of course that Trish is now home and feeling a little better. We will persevere in getting her healthy again.

Seven Days Left of School
...and counting :)

Twenty Days Until I'm Stateside...
...and counting :) but still enjoying every moment here!


Student Smiles

Some of my favorite English bloopers this week:

The story problem asked how many pieces of candy each child had, and the student wrote ''30 pieces of candy has each child.'' I imagine 30 gigantic pieces of candy with arms and legs running down the street after a little kid!! lol

A student wrote in her writing journal about how she has the best teacher in the whole world. She went on to describe how much she has learned this year and how much fun she has had. The only problem was that she spelled best ''B E A S T''. So I am the beast teacher ever. lol

Some of my favorite antonyms today:

A girl was brainstorming an antonym for different foods, and when I said ''What about ketchup?'' she said, ''Mayonnaise!!'' That's a classic tico opposite for you that they put on everything (actually probably more like synonyms since ketchup and mayo go on together!)... I was thinking mustard, the classic gringo condiment that goes with ketchup.

A boy was brainstorming antonyms to add to our ''graffiti wall'' and his first response was, ''Reading and playing!!'' I have worked very hard to encourage him in his reading this year, so I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry!!


Volcán Poas with friends

Trish, Albin, Yoji, and I took a day trip yesterday to see the Poas volcano just outside San José. We hiked what seemed like forever in the cold rain to see this:The lake covered in fog... We could see the lake a few seconds before I took the photo. I should have had my camera around my neck, but it was buried in my purse to avoid getting wet, thus the cloud cover for the photo I did capture.

And the crater! You can see smoke (or vapor?) coming out.

The rain cleared enough for us to feel somewhat inspired for a photo shoot. Trish didn't know what to do when I aimed my camera at her, so this is what I got.

...and what I got from Albin.

...and what I got from Yoji.

Queso! and the boys' turn.

I was pretty sure this was a cousin of rhubarb...

....especially when I saw the stem!

And this gives you an idea of how huge these leaves are! Yoji was staying dry as it started to rain again.


Flowers, Leaves, and Such

Volcán Arenal with Wes!

Wes got the full tourist experience while here visiting Costa Rica. We took an afternoon bus to Ciudad Quesada, then transferred buses to La Fortuna, where we spent two nights exploring waterfalls, volcanoes, and hot springs. All in Spanglish, of course.

We started off the day strong with a hike to the waterfall.

I held the waterfall in my hand!! Well... not really :).

Wes swimming under the life-sized waterfall.

At the hotsprings! We went during the afternoon so we saw the property in the daylight and then we went back at night to get the full experience. There were even waterslides that definitely didn't follow US safety standards!! (Don't worry, Mom, we both survived minor concussions, that's all!!)

And tile ''water beds'' if you wanted to take a nap in the hot water.
Jumping in the botanical gardens.

Hiking to another waterfall in the afternoon.
Wes and an active volcano!!
The sunset over Lake Arenal.

See the red dots?? That's proof that we saw lava!! :)

The best part about this day was that we paid a $40 tour price for the hot springs, a guided tour of the rainforest, volcano-watching, and an amazing buffet dinner. Now that's what I call a deal!

The Bag Lady of Costa Rica

Usually when people say ''Bag Lady,'' they are women who wear potato-sack-like clothes. The Bag Lady of Costa Rica does not wear baggy clothes... nope, she sells purses in the artesan´s market. I have been a regular costumer since August 2008, so regular that we talk for about an hour every time I go and she gives me discounts!! :) I don't actually call her Bag Lady... her name is really Heidi.
Usually latino people have serious faces in photos, but not Heidi!!
And here we are in her tiny purse store. Thanks, Wes, for taking the photo!


Miss Siscoe...

''Miss Siscoe, he's in my locker!!!!''

''Miss Siscoe, I was just running with my lollipop in my hand and I tripped and fell!'' (in response to why her eye was red and watering and puffy)

''Miss Siscoe, cuándo vamos a comer el snack?'' ''Let's practice our English.'' ''Oh yeah, when are we going to eat snack?''

''Miss Siscoe, do we have to practice division today?'' ''Yes, no option.''

''Miss Siscoe, he has great reading expression.''

''Miss Siscoe, you look pretty today.''

''Miss Siscoe, you are going to another school?'' ''Yes, and you should come with me!''

''Miss Siscoe, can we play 'A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea'?''

''Miss Siscoe, when are you going to get married?''

''Miss Siscoe, what am I supposed to do?'' ''I just explained it, and I do not repeat myself.''

''Miss Siscoe, can I have a hug?''

''Miss Siscoe, is my grade good?''

''Miss Siscoe, my dad says he wants to see my spelling grade.''

I think I will change my name for tomorrow and not tell anyone what it is!