Back in the U.S.

So I have already been back in the U.S. for about a month now, and obviously I keep forgetting to write a ''closing the trip'' post. So here goes :)

I am so thankful for having been able to travel this summer (and all of it debt free!! Again, so thankful). It was wonderful to see my many friends in Costa Rica and visit more friends in Argentina. All along the way, there were lots of reminders to be very, very thankful.

I have a few shout out ''Thank You''s too :) :

Mom and Dad: Who knew that the red set of suitcases you bought me for my first foreign excursion in 2005 would get so much TLC over the next few years? Every time I pick them up off the baggage claim, they serve as a reminder of how much you have taught me and encouraged me to continue growing in what I am equipped to do.

Trish and Al: Thank you for letting me crash at your place not once but twice. I am thankful for our friendship, no matter how distant.

Melissa: Thanks for planning our beach trip. So many great flashbacks!

Familia Rodríguez: Gracias por abrir casa y por darme una bienvenida tan linda a Costa Rica.  Espero que nos veamos de nuevo muy pronto :).

Mejia Simpson Family: Thank you for sharing your vision of an orphanage! I share in your vision and look forward to contributing somehow in the near future.

Heather: Thanks, friend, for letting me borrow your mega-suitcase. Very necessary for all the gifts I carried with!

Steve and Becky: Thank you again for hosting me and so willingly and generously showing me around Córdoba.

Alright, so until next time I travel, folks. :) Now it's time to get back down to the teaching business!

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