Volcán Poas with friends

Trish, Albin, Yoji, and I took a day trip yesterday to see the Poas volcano just outside San José. We hiked what seemed like forever in the cold rain to see this:The lake covered in fog... We could see the lake a few seconds before I took the photo. I should have had my camera around my neck, but it was buried in my purse to avoid getting wet, thus the cloud cover for the photo I did capture.

And the crater! You can see smoke (or vapor?) coming out.

The rain cleared enough for us to feel somewhat inspired for a photo shoot. Trish didn't know what to do when I aimed my camera at her, so this is what I got.

...and what I got from Albin.

...and what I got from Yoji.

Queso! and the boys' turn.

I was pretty sure this was a cousin of rhubarb...

....especially when I saw the stem!

And this gives you an idea of how huge these leaves are! Yoji was staying dry as it started to rain again.

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