Volcán Arenal with Wes!

Wes got the full tourist experience while here visiting Costa Rica. We took an afternoon bus to Ciudad Quesada, then transferred buses to La Fortuna, where we spent two nights exploring waterfalls, volcanoes, and hot springs. All in Spanglish, of course.

We started off the day strong with a hike to the waterfall.

I held the waterfall in my hand!! Well... not really :).

Wes swimming under the life-sized waterfall.

At the hotsprings! We went during the afternoon so we saw the property in the daylight and then we went back at night to get the full experience. There were even waterslides that definitely didn't follow US safety standards!! (Don't worry, Mom, we both survived minor concussions, that's all!!)

And tile ''water beds'' if you wanted to take a nap in the hot water.
Jumping in the botanical gardens.

Hiking to another waterfall in the afternoon.
Wes and an active volcano!!
The sunset over Lake Arenal.

See the red dots?? That's proof that we saw lava!! :)

The best part about this day was that we paid a $40 tour price for the hot springs, a guided tour of the rainforest, volcano-watching, and an amazing buffet dinner. Now that's what I call a deal!

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jk.crumrine said...

Looks like you had lots of fun in your travels with Wes. I'm wondering how you hiked in those shoes Kate :) Love ya, Aunt Janna