Miss Siscoe...

''Miss Siscoe, he's in my locker!!!!''

''Miss Siscoe, I was just running with my lollipop in my hand and I tripped and fell!'' (in response to why her eye was red and watering and puffy)

''Miss Siscoe, cuándo vamos a comer el snack?'' ''Let's practice our English.'' ''Oh yeah, when are we going to eat snack?''

''Miss Siscoe, do we have to practice division today?'' ''Yes, no option.''

''Miss Siscoe, he has great reading expression.''

''Miss Siscoe, you look pretty today.''

''Miss Siscoe, you are going to another school?'' ''Yes, and you should come with me!''

''Miss Siscoe, can we play 'A Sailor Went to Sea Sea Sea'?''

''Miss Siscoe, when are you going to get married?''

''Miss Siscoe, what am I supposed to do?'' ''I just explained it, and I do not repeat myself.''

''Miss Siscoe, can I have a hug?''

''Miss Siscoe, is my grade good?''

''Miss Siscoe, my dad says he wants to see my spelling grade.''

I think I will change my name for tomorrow and not tell anyone what it is!

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