Lack of Posting

I have like 5 sets of photos to post, but for some reason, blogger.com is having difficulties uploading photos. Without photos, I don't think my posts are as memorable, lol, but I can list a few of the exciting latest events.

Bethabá School Visits Sojourn
Another private school here in San José had a field trip for a morning at Sojourn to experience a morning of English learning. It was fun for the students but difficult for the teachers as the Bethabá students didn't speak much English at all. Because the whole purpose was to give all students an English immersion, I had to resist the temptation to translate. I have photos to testify to the interesting morning we all had.

National Theater Field Trip
3rd, 4th, and 5th just went to the National Theater yesterday to see the Julliard School from New York perform. We had practiced our ''Theater Positions'' for the last week in preparation, and the students were so excited to be part of the event! We were the only school group there and several adults around us remarked how cute or how well behaved they were! :) We enjoyed exploring the upstairs of the theater afterwards as well... even seeing the ball room that looks as if it were straight from a fairy tale! (well, the girls really enjoyed that part :))

Trish Sick
My roomie has been and still is sick. We spent the evening last night at the private hospital's emergency room so she could be hydrated again. The good news is I graded a lot of my student's recent work while sitting in the waiting room... and of course that Trish is now home and feeling a little better. We will persevere in getting her healthy again.

Seven Days Left of School
...and counting :)

Twenty Days Until I'm Stateside...
...and counting :) but still enjoying every moment here!

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