Skype Video Chat

If you have ever lived overseas (or maybe just far away from your family) in the last few years, you may have discovered the amazing FREE Skype communication technology. As long as the other person also has Skype downloaded on his/her computer, you can chat for hours and it won't cost a penny! :)

I just found a folder of photos I have taken of people while chatting via Skype video. Please forgive the poor quality of photos...

Wes. Brother. He was in London studying at Oxford. 9.19.2009.

Jaclyn. Friend from Judson. She was volunteering with EMI in Uganda. 10.20.2009.

Jenny. Roommate from Judson. She is a teacher in the Chicago area. 3.10.2010.

Yoji. Friend from Costa Rica. He is studying in St. Louis, Missouri. 6.3.2010.

Trish. Best friend that I lived with here in CR. She was visiting family for the summer in Ohio. 8.4.2010.

Tiffany. Roommate from Judson. She's a teacher in Bandung, Indonesia. 8.27.2010.

Rosie. Friend since high school. She lives and works in Dubuque, Iowa. 8.27.2010.

Erin. Friend from Virginia that I met in CR. She now lives in VA and works as a substitute teacher. 9.2.2010.

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Grammy said...

any of those teachers want to come to Ecuador we still need teachers for next fall!!