Semana Santa Part 2

On the way home from the beach, we detoured to Parque Nacional Tenorio to see this beautiful Rio Celeste. The water is turquoise blue because of the combination of minerals in the water. Very cool.

Nothing like a guard with a gun to discourage littering.

Katie and Lisa taking photos with the other 50 people there.

On the hike.

Lisa and I.

Lisa, me, Katie.

The way back up the mountain was the hard part. We were on a very steep trail that was somewhat paved but mostly just rocks and mud. Think Stairmaster all the way up a mountain!


On the way to the park, there were cows crossing the bridge. We had cows in front and behind the car as we also crossed the bridge, haha.

Bad translation? I think yes. The Spanish version of the same sign said something like, ''The park does not produce trash, so neither should you.'' LOL

On the way home, we saw these rays of sunshine peeking through the clouds. A great end to a great vacation :).