Recently, I have noticed many things about my life that just simply do not go together. For example:

1. Spaghetti and rice.
I know it's pretty normal for Italians to eat spaghetti and bread together, but for some reason, the combo of spaghetti and rice just seem strange to me. I ate this combo as a meal several times this past week because it was served to me, not because it was a deliberate choice. Rice and spaghetti sauce are an unusual combination as well.

2. March and heat.
In my 22 years of living stateside, March and heat just didn´t go together. In fact, it was the opposite: March and cold. But here in Costa Rica, I am provided with many opportunities to be thankful for all the 90 degree weather during what is Costa Rica's summer.

3. 5th Graders and ''hot''.
Along with the heat, many students (and teachers!) are complaining about how sweaty, how thirsty, or how tired they are. Warning: If you say ''I am hot'' around 5th Graders, they will automatically burst into giggles. Oh dear.

4. Pineapples and bushes.
I'm not sure what I pictured pineapples growing on, but they actually grow as part of a bush. That's right. Bush. It's the kind of bush that has long, straight leaves and the pineapples grow up like flowers. Click on this blog post to see a photo of pineapple bushes.

5. Dead bodies and speedbumps.
The word ''muerto'' in Spanish means two things: a dead body and a speedbump. Oxymoron? I think yes.

6. Sleeping in and living with dogs and babies.
The past few weekends, I have fully intended to sleep in on Saturday and Sunday. I wake up at 7am to the dogs barking and the baby crying.

7. Baby showers and beer.
I (randomly) was part of a baby shower yesterday and we toasted the mother-to-be with beer. I couldn't help wondering about alcohol fetal syndrome.

8. Buses and sidewalks.
Sometimes there are sidewalks here... but not often. I was 4 inches from being hit by a bus today as I was walking on a sidewalk-less road. Yikes!

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