Semana Santa Part 1

As the entire population of San José leaves to city to enjoy the beach during Semana Santa, so I of course had to join in :).
Friends Lisa and Katie and I enjoyed four days at beautiful Playa Conchal. The sand is literally pieces of shell that you can dig through to find shell treasures! This was my third time at this beach as I had gone with Aunt Janna and Uncle Jason in 2008 and with Trish, Kim V., and Kim L. in 2009.

Day one: WHITIES. lol.  
Katie brought music. I brought beads to make jewelry. Lisa brought a good book.

Neighborhood kids brought the entertainment as they practiced their stilts on the beach!

We didn't risk getting our rental car stuck in the sand... but these people did and got stuck!!! 

The water was so crystal clear!! On Day 4, we felt like we were getting stung by jellyfish or something, but we found out later the current was bringing in sea lice... kind of disgusting.

All I need at the beach is my purse full of beads, snacks, and sunscreen. :)

Rockin' life under a mangrove tree.

Day 4: BURNT. We were so burnt that we were putting our towels on top of us to block the sun. Result: we were covered in sand and still burnt. Ouch.

As we left the beach after day 4, we joked that we were still hiding from the sun's rays (Katie demonstrates this better than I do :)) and we were joking that we are rednecks... literally, haha.

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