The New National Stadium!!

So a friend from work, Mariel, got tickets for another co-worker (Daniela) and I to go to the International Marathon event happening during the inauguration events surrounding the new Costa Rican stadium. Exciting? Yes!

The entrance into a very modern stadium!

A football field! A track! High-definition screens!

An interesting fact is that this stadium is actually a gift from China. You know, kind of like when the Statue of Liberty was gifted to the U.S. from France.

Here's a good video/photo slide show/article about the making of the stadium: http://www.canchallena.com/1361008-un-escenario-de-lujo

Mariel, me, Daniela with an inauguration painting

The marathon runners

The sun goes down... and the lights come on!

Now while all of this was very exciting to see the ''progress'' Costa Rica has with this stadium, I also have some critiques...

1. There´s no parking lot, so surrounding neighborhoods are crowded with cars parked for events.

2. What about all the noise and bright lights for the surrounding neighborhoods at night? I mean, I live a good 20 kilometers from the stadium (at least) and I can hear fireworks at night from the stadium!!!

3. The stadium is a gift, yes, but who is funding the yearly maintenance costs of 1.8 million dollars? Hmm...

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