I Think I Fell in Love...

...with a two-year-old!!! Santiago is seriously the light of my life right now :).

playing at the park...


He almost mastered this ladder on his own... He actually started climbing the bars on the windows here at the house last week... Maybe he's practicing for the next time we're at that park?

Mama Natalia, Aunt Andrea, and Uncle Noda taking a break.

Santi hides behind doors and then jumps out and whispers, ''Boo!!'' Whispers, not yells :).

Then at night he plays before he goes to bed.

The moment I knew this kid was special was the moment he said, ''Kay-sh.'' (Kate :)) He hasn't stopped saying it since! He knocked on my door on this last Saturday morning and said, ''Kaysh!!'' Good thing it was 9am or I may not have responded as positively :). I opened the door to find him there with a big grin on his face! So precious!

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Tricia said...

He is adorable :)