Wow, time is flying here in San Jose! Since getting back from the U.S. Feb. 6th, I have hardly had a moment to sit down and rest... My good mom keeps reminding me with Facebook messages that I need to rest :). Thanks, Mom.

This week's happenings at school:
  • Science exam building boats, adding cargo until they sink, identifying and measuring mass, density, and weight.
  • I was the aerobic instructor in a skit this morning :). I'll have to post photos of my SWEET one-piece exercise outfit, haha!
  • Sending students to the office for disrespect... they come back very responsive to my directions :)
  • Enjoying Spanglish and reinforcing English
This week's happenings at home:
  • no Internet
  • feeding the dogs at 5am... that's a long story.
  • chilly, windy in the morning and HOT in the afternoons... I never know what to wear! The sweater or the sundress?
  • I bought my favorite cheese bread from the panaderia Pan Por Kilo :)
And a big hello to Mr. Monger's students as I know they will be checking the blog soon :) Keep working hard on your ISATs, boys!!!

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