Latest Painting Series

My latest 5 paintings are all already claimed by my good friend Meredith, who is also teaching here in Costa Rica at another private school, Metodista. She bought the canvases and hired me to paint all 5 for her 4th grade classroom. She gave me the verses she wanted but other than that, I could do whatever I wanted! :)
I painted a dribble design first, then decided it was too busy, so I painted over that with yellow. You can still see the first design under the yellow layer in real life.

This is the only one that turned out iconic.

This one started out as a drip painting but quickly morphed into a splatter painting, haha.

I added blue sequin fabric in the corners to add texture.

Nothing like some bubble letters :).

I'll be delivering the paintings this next weekend! I'm excited for Meredith to be able to use them in her classroom.

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sarah said...

LOVE these! hard to pick a fave :)