Spanish Guide

As I am thinking more and more about how to teach in a bilingual classroom, I am aware that pronunciation is an important aspect of learning any language. While eating out with friends last night, a friend found in the brochure table at the restaurant a ´´guide for gringos´´ on how to pronounce basic Spanish phrases. We smiled and laughed about the pronunciation guide for how to say phrases that have almost become second nature for us now... so I thought I would share the guide with you. Consider this Kate practicing her Spanish teaching skills :)

Costa Rica (CO-sta REE-ka... never CA-sta)

Buenas! (basic greeting) (Bwe-nas)

Hola, cómo estás? (Hello, how are you?) (OH-la, CO-mo et-stA)

Muy bien, y usted? (Very good, and you?) (MUEE-be-yen, ee OO-sted?)

Pura vida! (Life is good!) (POO-rah BI-da)

Con mucho gusto! (You're welcome) (cone MOO-cho GOO-sto)

Hasta luego! (See you later!) (ahs-sta LUEH-go)

No me moleste. (Don´t bother me.)  (no MAY mo-less-te)

Si. (Yes) (sEE)

No. (No.) (no) :)

Tal vez. (Maybe.) (tahl bAys)

No hablo español. (I don´t speak Spanish.) (no AH-blow es-PAHN-yol)

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