Sports Day

Whew! Today was lots of fun and sun (and B.O.!! :))! We celebrated the third annual Sports Day at Lighthouse and I was so thankful for the many parents that helped. All I had to do was keep track of 22 students :)
Morning warm-ups

The sun was super bright!

The boys recently started playing ''Maracuya 1 2 3'' where one boy says that phrase and the last one to cross his arms is punched. It was a popular passtime today while waiting for our running race to begin.

Even though it was hot and sunny, Latin American culture is still a very ''touchy'' culture!

Cute girls :)

The boy in the yellow shirt was one of my co-teacher's sons. She was so proud of him winning the 2nd grade race!

My girls ready for their race.
The winners surprised me with their running abilities!
He won by a long stretch!

Tug of War

Teamwork :)

Volleyball with 4th grade.

And one of my students cute little brother. He definitely lives up to what his shirt claims :).

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