I'm learning to love weekends again. I say again because for a while weekends were awkward as I didn´t know what to do without Trish. But God is good and continues to provide new friends and old friends and lots of Skype calls :).

Last weekend I spent Saturday with a new Peruvian friend talking Spanglish for several hours. :) I rock Spanglish nowadays. Sunday we went to lunch with a Costa Rican missionary that has lived in West Africa for 16 years and has adopted 6 kids there! We met her 13 year old son, and he was growing fast and ate a lot for lunch :). It was fun to hear an African boy speaking Spanish like a tico. He also speaks Portuguese and a tribal language. Impressive.

This weekend it's time for sleeeeeeep. :) Then tomorrow I have a full day of friends and fun. And Sunday, church. I'm learning to love church again too without Trish. Sad but true.

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jk.crumrine said...

I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying your free time again! Soak it all up because someday you will miss all of that culture enrichment you are getting :) Love ya, Aunt Janna