Happy Independence Day, Costa Rica!!

I wish I could take credit for this hilarious photo... but I can´t. I totally found it on Google. Costa Rica's colors are also red, white, and blue, so this dog could be from either country (U.S. or CR)... not really sure which is accurate :).

Tomorrow is ''el quince de setiembre'' (think 4th of July) so we have the day off of school!! Michelle and I attended a traditional parade of lanterns this evening that all schools put on as part of the holiday celebrations. We were walking past Sojourn (the first school I taught at here in CR) and their parade had just begun. We watched the short ensemble go by and I waved at many students and teachers that I still know. I saw one of my past students, now in 5th grade, and she came over to give me a hug. Before I knew what was happening, I was surrounded by 7 or 8 of my old students, all jabbering in Spanglish and telling me how much they missed me and how school was really different without me. One girl had tears in her eyes and my empathetic heart sprung into action and I also started crying! I soon realized the kids had just left the parade line completely and were standing there talking to me instead of continuing with the other students, so I walked the rest of the block with them until we got back to the school gate. A flurry of good-bye hugs later, I was left to give them back to God again, trusting that He is continuing to care for them and love them even without my presence in their daily lives.

All of that to say, Happy Independence Day, Costa Rica!! :)

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