Military Style Miss Siscoe

A student today says, ''Miss Siscoe, why do you talk like you're in the army?''
Me: ''Because I am.''
Another student: ''I thought you were in the FBI.''
Me: ''Oh yes, I forgot, thank you.''

I told my 5th graders on the first day that I am in the FBI and have never wanted to be a teacher but that my current assignment is to be an undercover teacher at Lighthouse International School. They all stared at me in disbelief, and now it's becoming a running joke (Well, joke to me :) Who knows if they believe me!), even to the point that a parent told me last night at the Back-to-School parent meeting that her son mentioned that I'm in the FBI. lol. Someday I'll tell them the truth.

Several boy students challenged me to an arm wrestling tournament yesterday. I came out the champion.

Yesterday and today combined I gave out 22 detentions to 12 of my 20 students... and yet I received more hugs this afternoon as they were leaving at 2:30... One girl patted me on the arm and said, ''You're just doing your job.'' lol. I hope they're understanding I love them but am also firm with my boundaries.

It's only week 3, so I can´t show any weakness. . . probably not until Thanksgiving. Not even in arm wrestling.

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