Smiles from Today

A student walked into class this morning to show me a flower he had found with ants all over it. He showed me... and then he said, "Do you want it?" :) I love receiving flowers with ants crawling in panic that their home is being destroyed. In fact, the flower is still sitting here on my desk :).

The science lesson today was about our body's systems, specifically our bones, muscles and nerves. When talking about the muscles, I had students flex their biceps and then their triceps to show how muscles only pull on bones, that they never push. They all gasped in astonishment that I too had a muscle, LOL. Seriously, they were shocked. I told them that sometime I'll have them do pilates with me.

Another student is walking down the hallway very... strangely... like a monkey we'll say. I say "Waaaalk" in my teacher voice and he turns to me with a goofy grin and says "Miss Siscoe, I'm walking like a primate." LOL. Where do they get these words from???

5th graders are proving themselves to be like kids still... but they want to be treated like "big kids." :) I still enjoy the moments when their inner child pops out of the tough exterior.

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