Someone´s Been Listening...

This student has been listening to my stories, even if she has some of the details mixed up :)... Here´s the narrative she wrote last week:

Kathryn had just finished high school, and was going into college. She had been thinking for a while now what she wanted to be when she grew up, and she was growing up. Kathryn was thinking about being an artist but her mom said that she should be a teacher but she always disagreed with that. She had started school by now.

Kathryn was in her room with her roommate. She was saying, ''You're so good with kids Kathryn, I really think you should become a teacher.'' ''But I want to be an artist.''

The next day she was sitting on a rock and some people came over and said ''Kathryn, you should be a teacher, you're so good with kids.'' ''Will you please stop saying that'' said Kathryn. On the outside she was being nice but on the inside she started to feel angry when people brought up that thoughts.

By now she had her art degree. It was a weekend and she didn´t have to go to school, and she decided that for the day she was going to be a teacher´s helper.

When she went back to her mom´s house she realized that she really liked teaching. So then, she got her teachers degree and is now a teacher.

In the year 2010 Kathryn Siscoe comes to a christian school called Lighthouse International School in Costa Rica teaching 5th grade.

Now known as, my teacher, Ms. Siscoe.

By the way she does have to remind herself sometimes why she is a teacher.

(Ms. Siscoe speaking, ''why am I a teacher again, oh yeah because I like it!'')

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