Life Changes

We all know life changes, but for some reason when the change actually arrives, we're surprised and very uncomfortable. From the outside, it might not look like my life has changed very much in the last few weeks, but it certainly has! I finished my first teaching job and said goodbye to a staff of teachers, office help, and janitors that had become my community of friends and professional development. I said goodbye to my roommate and best friend of the last two years. While I will stay in touch with a few of these people, our relationships will change and we will grow apart... so I am growing and changing and ... feeling uncomfortable, haha.

For our goodbye, Trish and I sat in the airport at 6am on Tuesday, June 29th, and cried! I had never seen her cry before, and we were a mess. As we parted ways, many people were asking both of us if we were okay. All day, people were concerned about my puffy eyes and occassional tear sliding down my cheek.

Thankfully, God provided some surprises along the way that distracted me from my sadness and encouraged me that He still has a lot of adventures for me, with or without Trish. In the Newark airport, a guy asked me out for coffee while waiting for our next planes, and I didn't budget my time well and missed my flight!! So the following confusion of changing plane tickets and baggage claim and everything in between (I think I talked to at least 10 official-looking people before finally boarding another flight to Chicago!) made me laugh and take time to be thankful that God has everything under control even when I don't!! (And it was a great story to tell friends and family!)

When I go back to Costa Rica, I will be living with my brother, Wes, in my apartment for a couple weeks before he heads back to the States and a new roommate, Michelle, moves in. I begin my new teaching job on August 2nd, and from there, who knows?? Life is changing and open-ended right now! Thankfully, God has it under control, even when I don't.

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