Embarassingly Sick

(Is ''embarassingly'' a word?? I have been making up lots of English words lately.)

FINALLY Trish and I have answers about our illnesses over these last few months. Apparently the stress of work and the conditions we were living in made us more susceptible to ... mono and parasites. Not mono like ''monkey'' in Spanish, but mono as in the kissing disease. Trish is the one with mono and I'm the one with... (don't laugh please, this is kind of personal and I can't believe I'm posting it on the World Wide Web) ... a parasite. We were surprised and relieved with a diagnosis that brought answers for both of our physical ailments over the last 6 months.

So I'm taking more antibiotics (we have a love/hate relationship with antibiotics) and Trish is at home in Ohio resting a lot. Sounds fun, eh?

Dad says it takes as long to recover from being sick as you were actually sick... so maybe I'll be back to my normal self by... Christmas? Prayer for healing and for protection against getting another parasite when I go back is welcome :).

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