Time in the States!

While in the States, I have eaten lots of cheese! :) Well, I have done other things too, but that's definitely a highlight, lol. I have enjoyed catching up with high school friends (Rosie, Liz, Chelsea) and spending lazy afternoons with my siblings (Kallie and Austin!). Here's peeks at other fun things I've done:
Sarah and I met at Walton Island in Elgin to paint beads and take funny photos. We were college roommates our senior year and she's an art entrepreneur!! (possibly an art teacher this fall if the job possibility goes through!)
JeanaLe made pancakes for me in her and her husband Jason's cute apartment in West Dundee. They are headed to Bolivia in the fall to work with educational programs in the city! I am excited to hear more about their adventures through their blog.
I surprised the Gum kids one afternoon with Costa Rican coins (and their parents with coffee!). They were my neighbors my last year at Judson and I can't believe how much they have grown since I graduated!
Natalie and I enjoyed Jamba Juice while catching up about her art and teaching studies!
My friend Christina and I went to a Mehndi designer in Aurora for some henna art. Many of you have seen the the artwork on my hand and immediately asked (like my Grandma did :)), ''Is that real!!??'' No, it's fading quickly! But it was fun while it lasted.
My friends Chris and Christina and I also went blackberry picking behind a cemetery in Elgin. We were happy with the results!
My brother Austin and I drove to Bloomington to hang out with our cousin Collin for a day. He has grown a lot since I saw him as a newborn in December!!

So there's a good summary. This next week I am headed to Minnesota with the church youth group to the Sonshine musical festival. Hopefully I get enough sleep in between concerts and high school drama!!

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