Week of Relaxing... Well, Kind Of :)

Unlike Trish's face shows in the photo below, we have had many adventures in the last week. Since finishing our work at Sojourn about 10 days ago, we have done all the necessary things we needed to do during the school year that we just didn't have time for... you know, the dentist, the eye doctor, closing bank accounts... all those fun details about being an adult.

It has been soooo nice to be able to sleep in ... although sleeping in means until 8am maximum for us, lol.
Trish has been really sick for about the last month, so here we are at the hospital after an appointment with an infectologist. He thought she might have C. Diff. but her tests all came back negative. So she's still in the dark as to what she really has... She is getting better little by little, but I'm sure her mom will take good care of her once she gets back to Ohio.

At the coffee stand in the Central Market. Great coffee!!! (Yes, Mom, I'm bringing you 3 bags like you requested :))
I was able to check an item off my bucket list for living in Costa Rica after taking this photo of... octopus!!! It's always for sale in the Central Market. Anyone want to try some new recipes with me? :)

Here we are, making awkward poses with the National Museum displays. We never had been to the museum, so we felt obligated after living here for almost 2 years.
And in the Artesan's Market with our friend Heidi! If I have brought you or mailed you a purse, coin purse, or scarf from Costa Rica, she's the vendor I bought it from! She gives us great deals and great Spanish practice.

After living in Costa Rica for 2 years together, Trish and I have grown a lot together and a lot as individuals. We have learned to speak Spanish together, learned to budget together, learned to navigate a country together, among many other life lessons. We both leave for the United States tomorrow to visit family and friends before heading off for our next adventures. This week of down-time has given me lots of time to think about how I am so thankful that God has given us this time together to grow up. The next couple months of transition might be difficult, but from looking at how God has provided a close friend over the last couple years assures me that He will provide in the future as well. I am excited for future adventures, both for my own and for Trish's!

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