Last Wednesday of Sojourn!!!

Our last Wednesday was rather exciting as we had a Read-a-Thon. Here the 4th graders get comfy for some good last reading moments of the school year!
Jonathan takes a sneak peek at what will happen next in our read aloud book.
Gabriel and Lucas hide behind their books.
Camila and Mariana

Then after school the women teachers from Sojourn had a bridal shower for Peggy Bedortha, soon to be Peggy MeGheeHee... don't know if I spelled her new last name right, lol. It's a tough one.

Of course we had to play the ''Make-a-Wedding-Dress-out-of-Toilet-Paper'' Game :)

Erin had planned all the games... Here Peggy looks nervous about what we will do next!
And all the ladies watching Peggy open her gifts!

A good last Wednesday... 2 days left!

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