Science Experiments

We had a Science Experiment morning a couple weeks ago, and the students were asking some tough questions! I was wading into new waters as I have never participated in a Science Fair or led students through the scientific process in self-invented experiments, so it was definitely an adventure for me and for them! Here's a peek at what we were learning:
Melissa wanted to know if people could tell similar tastes apart... such as regular Coke vs. Diet Coke... or sweetened tea vs. unsweetened tea. Here Gabriel tries the two Cokes.
Carefully thinking about which one is which...

Jonathan and Amanda were asking questions about what liquids will create solvents with water. Here they are with their whole display set up!

It was quite the process to try all their different solvent ideas.

I think the glue non-solvent was their favorite.

And then they surprised everyone with a vinegar and baking soda solvent! :) The only problem was that Jonathan couldn't find regular vinegar, so he actually brought in wine vinegar. I didn't realize this until after the fact when the resulting solvent bubbling all over the desk and floor smelled very strong... so strong we were all gagging and running out of the room!!! Oops!

Then Mariana and Mariana demonstrated how global warming is affecting the oceans due to ice melting. It was an impressive concept for 4th graders to dive into.

And then it was back to work once we cleaned up the messes!

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