Last Thursday of Sojourn!!

We started off the morning with a Field Day of relay races and sporting events at a nearby park. I was in charge of two events: the Toe Jam and the Tug of War. 
In Toe Jam, the students ran down to the bucket of jello, took off their shoe and sock, and then had to grab something out of the jello with their toes. ´´Ewwww´´ was most student responses! :)

Here Santiago hesitates about putting his foot in jello! I had to demonstrate how to do the game twice, and my sock was stained pink afterwards from the jello color... I'm sure all moms loved those pink socks coming home!
And the tug of war!
Ready to pull!

Then the kids were dismissed from school early and we had a going away lunch for the 7 teachers who are leaving Sojourn:

Here we are, on to other endeavors! (L to R) I will be teaching at Lighthouse in Escazú, Trish will be travelling with The World Race, Chrissy and her husband and kids are moving back to the States as her husband changes jobs, Peggy is getting married in August and will live in Oregon,, Carolina will be working at Lighthouse with me, and Erin is moving back to Virginia and hoping to find teaching work there. Not pictured is Lauren, who will also be working at Lighthouse with Carolina and I.

At our going away party, they surprised us with a mariachi band!! We were laughing and crying and not sure how to respond to such a great surprise!
And here we pose with the band... Trish of course joined the band and played guitar :).

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