Decisions, Decisions

Well, I wanted to put up photos from the ballet, but they're on Trish's camera and she's currently in the shower... unless I creep through her purse... but that's alright. I'll have to ask her for the pics later.

We're making some big decisions about finances and where to live next semester. Kim is possibly returning to Sojourn as a hired teacher (this semester was her student teaching), and she definitely wants to live with a tico family to work on her Spanish... so Trish and I have been discussing options for what we should do. We could stay here in the apartment and pay more rent... we could get another roommate... or we could just take the plunge (that we were thinking would happen next summer sometime) and dive in with tico families as well.

After talking with Gretel today (she's in charge of tico family housing at ILE), we acquired a list of names and numbers of available families. We'll be visiting them within the next week or so. PLEASE PRAY as we make these decisions! To be honest, I'm nervous about it (of course!) and I want to find a good fit family (of course!). My main motivation for doing something like this is for intensive work on my Spanish vocab and speaking abilities.

My mom says I'm braver than she is. Maybe I'm just crazy.

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