Teacher Student Swap Day

Tomorrow is Teacher Appreciation Day here in Costa Rica, so today was a dress-up day with teachers dressing like students and students dressing like teachers. The girls were excited to wear scarves "just like Miss Siscoe does all the time." Here's some photos of my goofy students dressed like me.
I was dressed like a student in the school uniform polo, comfy pants, braids, and a pink camo backpack (courtesy of my student Christina :)). Front: Bayley, me, Gaby, Paula. Back: Christina, Rebecca, Katie, Valeria, Nicole.
A close up of Bayley's mustache. He was dressing up like Profe, the PE teacher.

Oh Gaby... haha, she is always making me laugh.
Mis estudiantes tienen mucha energia...

And the neck scarf girls... just like me :). Rebecca, Christina, Katie. Hopefully, I don't often have the same look as Christina, ha.

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