Shout Outs

I wore a bracelet made by Abi Gum today... Thanks Abi :)

I also have paper flowers on my desk from Sandy Gum... Thanks Sandy for the great memories as your RA! :)

Again, thanks Mom for the candy corn... I am still enjoying every little bite.

Thanks Uncle Jason and Aunt Janna for coming to see me in 2 1/2 weeks! Woohoo! We're going to have a blast!

Thanks Christie Griffin for preparing me for teaching... I think of you often!

Weston... I am jealous of your Coldplay concert. Too bad the plane ticket was $500 to join you.

Christina Watson, I know you're praying for me! :)

Bluckers, Jill, Gpa&Gma, Jaclyn, Mom&Dad, Verschas --- Thanks for your financial support! I couldn't do this without you!!!

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yobro said...

Well Kate,

I will just let you know that it was amazing, but I'm sure that it wasn't quite worth more than a month's salary ;). Can't wait till you get home! Cya