Adventura Numero 30,000

As Trish and I leave school today to go visit tico families, she says, "Well, adventura numero trenta-thousand!" Nothing like a little Spanglish to get us started. We met 3 host ticas today with the possibility of living with them -- Norma, Maria Carmen, and Adriana. We have another visit on Sunday. Meeting each woman and their children made me feel much more at ease with the decision to move in with ticos. I am excited to learn Spanish... and of course I'm nervous also because I know my grammar is really bad.

Please pray for me. I've never had bronchitis before, but it's certainly not fun. I just slept 2 hours right after getting back to the apartment from our visits. I'm just so... sick. Blah.

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Kat said...

I had bronchitis last year, Kate! remember that? I had an inhaler and everything! I know how you feel =( icky. no fun and so tired . . . hope you get well soon!