I think I'm having too much fun...

We went to a Saprissa game yesterday and ... as Trish says, "Well, adventure # 19!!" (meaning, we've already had so many adventures, so why not another one??) We read on the Saprissa website that women wearing purple shirts got into the game for free, SOOOO :) we got the bright idea to go for it.

When we got there, we found the ticket office and discovered that we could only get in for free IF we were with a man who was paying for his ticket... This is so random, and I can't believe it worked out, but there was a group of 4 ticos buying tickets at the next window and they overheard our dilemma. They offered to "escort" us into the game so... we got in for free. It was a good opportunity for Spanish practice.

The field! We were sitting up really high and the wind was cold. I mean, COLD! Ha, this was the first time I can say I was truly cold in Costa Rica... and it was probably about 55 degrees... not as cold as Chicago's 33 right now!

The 4 musketeers -- Laura, me, Trish, Kim.
Roomies! Kim & me.

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