Bubble Pens, Tempers, and Saprissa

The latest discipline problem: bubble pens. They are nifty, bulky pens with bubble solution in the middle and a bubble wand at the top. I turn my back on the class for one minute and when I turn back around there are bubbles in the air... "Um, why are there bubbles in here?" Girls start giggling... and I confiscate the bubble pens.

Ha, when I'm teaching and trying to explain something, it seems that anything and everything pops out of my mouth in trying to get the point across. For example, I am trying to explain what a "temper" is... so I compare it to a bomb. "When you begin to lose your temper, it's as if you just lit a really short string on a bomb. You need to know when you have to step back from a situation in order to make the string on your bomb longer. If you don't take time away from the stiuation, your bomb will explode for sure." ... Hopefully that was a good analogy?

My old classroom is depressing right now. I took down all the posters and moved all the books to the other classroom. I had several students today mention that they already missed the books. Yay, they miss reading! :)

The BIG MOVE of my classroom is happening tomorrow afternoon. I've got parents, students, and the basketball team coming to help. I'll be sure to take photos of the mass chaos! :)

We are learning multiplication this week in Puzzles, and I made up a simple game by the seat of my pants today called "Flash Track", basically a gameboard that each player progresses on as he/she answers their times facts correctly. The students seemed to enjoy it :). Any way I can get them to practice multiplication facts and have fun at the same time is wonderful!

Plans this weekend: fabric shopping with Kim V., basketball game Friday night (I'm the photographer!!! YES!!), phone calls to family and friends, and a Saprissa game! (For those of you who don't know, Saprissa is one of the two popular soccer teams here... photos to come :)).

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