just what you wanted... more photos!

more photos from the trip!!! enjoy :) I apologize, I think they are in backwards order. Oh well, enjoy the captions :)

At the San Jose airport, we had 4 hours to waste, so Jaclyn was sick of me taking her pictures. Her expression says it all.

And again, her "stop taking pictures!" expression :)

Finally on the plane!!! We're all smiles now!

Can you see the lava? We had to go at 4am to see the bright red lava flowing down the volcano's sides.

Costa Rica sunrise!

Vulcan Arenal and the sunrise.

Taking Jaclyn's picture when she least expects it :).

And again, capturing her hands on film.

We ate lunch at this sit-down place for less than $2. That fit nicely into our budget!

The waiter and waitresses at the restaurant. They were teaching us Spanish!

Beautiful leaves.

The outside of the hostel we stayed in. $15.00 a night for the two of us was definitely affordable!

The inside of our room.

Matias helped us set up the activities in La Fortuna. Here we are at his restaurant.

Vulcan Arenal is hiding in the clouds.

We could see Laguna Arenal from the place where we hiked on the volcano.

For some reason, our driver insisted on hiking the volcano trail with us. He is from Romania and speaks Romanian and Spanish -- no English. Interesting communication, that's for sure. We thought maybe he just didn't want to drive back on the really rough road to Fortuna so he joined us. It kind of felt like we had a bodyguard that wouldn't leave us alone.

There's a black squirrel in the grass. Can you see it? We were hoping to see monkeys, but we had to settle for this little guy.

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