we made it!

Jaclyn and I have arrived safely here in San Jose. Wow, it's been a long day of travel, but we definitely made the most of it. Here's a few photos that I've already captured:

Photo shoot at the Houston airport.

We sat next to this man, Tet, during the flight from Houston to San Jose.

He is from Peru by birth but currently lives 6 months in San Francisco and 6 months on the Tamarindo Beach in Costa Rica. He filled us in on all the places to visit and places to avoid. His nephew is an architect, and Jaclyn is searching for an architecture internship (hopefully here in San Jose :)), so he gave us his nephew's contact information. We are also welcome to visit Asiento del Suenos, Tet's home on the beach.

Oh, a funny story: During our flight from Chicago to Houston, Jaclyn and I sat by an outgoing 5 year-old redhead boy named Leam. We talked all about Pokemon cards and kindergarten. Leam had informed me of his girlfriend Sophie who was also in his kindergarten class. His parents were sitting across the aisle and their attempts to quiet him throughout the flight were not successful (I really didn't mind talking with Leam!). By the end of the trip, Leam had declared "I love you girls!" and so Leam's exasperated dad says, "Leam, your girlfriend at home would not like you telling these ladies that you love them. Let's save that phrase for your girlfriend." Leam says, "Dad, Sophie can't hear what I say right now, so it's alright. Don't worry about it." Oh kids.

My best photo today. Priscilla and Ale picked us up at the San Jose airport and drove us to the San Francisco district, where Jaclyn and I will be staying for the next 4 or 5 nights. I met these two when I travelled to Costa Rica with the Judson mission project 2 years ago. By email, Priscilla had requested Burt's Bees "lipstick" from the States, so I brought several tubes in exchange for the ride to San Francisco. She was so excited about the chapstick!

Tomorrow we will be at Sojourn Academy!

more stories to come...


Kat said...

Sounds like you're having fun already! I'm glad you're in Costa Rica now to figure out the layout and everything. Say hi to Jaclyn for me. =)

Love you.


Maralee said...

heya Kate,
thanks for including me in your facebook saga...and God bless you in this chapter of your life, serving Him! It sounds exciting, scary, and adventurous. I know God will use you....

Maralee said...

oops,i didn't mean FACEBOOK, i meant blog...doh....
:) Maralee

Emily said...

Hey - not sure exactly what type of internship Jaclyn is looking for - but has she checked out eMi? (www.emiworld.org). They have an office in Atenas, Costa Rica - I think it's about an hour from San Jose. I did an engineering internship w/ them - if it looks like something she'd be interested in, feel free to pass along my contact info.