why in the world would i want to do this?!?

well, allow me to fill you in.

this isn't an impulsive decision, i promise. this has been a dream growing in my heart for at least two years, and it has been a growing reality while searching for teaching jobs.

why would i dream of such a thing? many of you know i have travelled with mission projects over the last four spring breaks while a student at Judson University. each destination has increased my desire to travel and to be a learner of another culture for a time.

also, applying for teaching jobs in the states with no experience earns the same answer over and over: "well, we can't hire you without experience." so, in an effort to gain coveted experience, i am going somewhere that truly needs teachers.

plus, working in a hispanic culture will give me numerous opportunities to learn spanish -- probably more opportunities that i want, at first! my desire to understand and communicate in spanish has been growing ever since becoming good friends with my best friend Rosena in high school.

it gets even better! i will be teaching at Sojourn Academy in Costa Rica, the elementary school that is part of the Instituto de Lengua EspaƱola. entire families move in to the school -- the parents go to the Institute to learn spanish, and the children come to the Academy. at the Academy, i will be teaching either 3rd or 4th grade (not sure yet -- those details to come!). i will teach the usual subjects, just like in the states, and my students will have a daily spanish class with another teacher as well as the specials (art, pe, music) being taught in spanish. i am so glad to be surrounded by this many spanish speaking opportunities!

so reasons i want to do this... adventure, travel, gain valuable experience, learn spanish. a great combination. is this a permanent move to Costa Rica? no. in the longterm plans, i would like to return to a diverse area of the U.S. and teach in a bilingual environment. but long term plans usually change, so i'm staying flexible.

so now what? i mean, school starts in August, so what is between now and then?

Jaclyn and i will be travelling to Costa Rica May 20th. we will visit Sojourn, as well as explore San Jose and be the best tourists we can be. we return May 28th, and then i will be heading to Elgin again to nanny for the Kovanda family for the summer. i'll be moving to Costa Rica sometime in mid-August.

details to follow.


andrew said...

Kate, I am happy that you know what you want to do and are going after it with such unwavering fervor. You are an inspiration to me and I'm sure to others who hear about your plans. I'll be reading this blog and I know you will be a great teacher.

K Siscoe said...

Kate, I watched you since your first days. I know your teaching is right in line with who you are and what you have already done. Like I said at graduation, "You go, girl!" Just call home - and come home when you can.
Love ya! Dad

Emily said...

I'm so excited for you! We'll be around when you're in Kewanee - just give us a call!