baby steps toward moving from here to there

A detail I didn't think too hard about when I decided to accept the teaching position at Sojourn was the fact that I would have to sell my car. I've been procrastinating on selling my car... because it feels a lot like giving up my independence.

I realized last week that the license renewal sticker expired at the end of the month, so I knew I needed to sell it within two weeks before I was forced to park it or renew the sticker for an unnecessary year-long fee for driving the car another month or two.

So finally, on Saturday, I put "For Sale" signs in the windows. 1992 Ford Tempo, 125,000 miles, 25 miles to the gallon, $1200. You know, all the basics. I also put the information on Craig's List, because covering multiple advertising bases can't hurt anything.I began praying that it would sell before my sticker expires June 30th.

Phone call this afternoon. Set up appointment for 6pm this evening. A family of 4 arrive. He looks under the hood, in the interior and trunk. Offers me $1000. I say I'll give it to him for $1100. Since it will be her car, she drives around the block. He says he'll give me $1100 for it; can they take it right then? I say sure. Sign the title. Empty the glove box of my maps and Kleenex. Unscrew the license plates. Watch them drive away.

Wow, that was fast. Definitely sold it before my two-week deadline (thanks, God!) It sounded like they really needed the car, too, as she had missed a week of work after her car broke down. I'm glad I was able to pass it on to a family that really needed it. Another sign that I'm taking steps in the right direction!

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