Hola Sojourn Academy!

Jaclyn and I have spent our first three days in Costa Rica at Sojourn Academy, where I will be teaching beginning August 27th. We spent time in each grade and talked with teachers and students about the school and it's unique purpose.

Many parents attend the Instituta de Language Espanol and the students attend Sojourn for about a year. Families then move to other Latin American countries to work or minister with the people there. Students identify themselves by where they are from and where they are going. They might introduce themselves with something like: "Hi, my name is Isaiah, and I'm from North Carolina, and my family is moving to Venezuela." (This is a first grader I met.)

I met many of the students that I will have in 4th grade (It's official! 4th grade is mine!). I had the opportunity to teach a 3rd grade math lesson to the students that will be in my class -- I've become acquainted with their personalities and academic needs already!

Now that I am looking through my photos to post on here, I realize I didn't get many pictures of the students. Bummer!!! I actually didn't want to distract the students in class any more than I already was, so I hesitated taking pictures. I do have quite a few of the school grounds, though. Here's a few to satisfy your curiousity (and my excitement! :)) --

down the central "hallway" of the school.

The green buildings are part of the Institute.

Orange buildings = Sojourn.

Tiny blue building at the far back = the gym.

and don't forget the beautiful mountains.

closer to the orange buildings of Sojourn

a hallway of the school. Actually this is the middle school building.

and then here's some fun photos, of course :)...

an interesting flower that caught my eye... not sure what it's called.

We were getting photo-happy in the pouring rain.

doesn't she look like she should teach in Costa Rica? :)


JK said...

Hey Kate! We really like reading about your adventure. Sounds like this is a great experience for you. Stay safe and enjoy the rest of your trip.

Love ya,
Aunt Janna

erin. said...

wow kate. this looks awesome! :)