...did you know?

alright, a few fun facts about San Jose for you...

1. There are many earthquakes each day. (Don't worry, Mom, they're tiny ones!) I actually felt one today while sitting on the couch!

2. There are no addresses beyond the downtown area. To give directions, landmarks are used -- and landmarks include current and past buildings. Like the Burger King that is nonexistent today is still used as a landmark when giving directions.

3. Costa Ricans are called "ticos". Anyone else is called a "gringo". It's not derogatory at all to be called a "gringo".

4. A public bus only costs about 25 cents to ride (150 colones). $1.00 equals 500 colones.


Today Jaclyn and I explored downtown San Jose. Quite the experience. Not only were we concentrating on navigation, we are also attempting Spanish and interpreting the many signs. We did not see many other gringos, so as you can well imagine, we turned many heads.

We visited Mercado Central and La Casona (markets), Pops (an ice cream place like Baskin Robbins), Teatro Nacional (the theatre), several clothing and shoe stores (scouting out the quality and the prices... not the best), and Quizno's for lunch. This was Jaclyn's first time eating at a Quizno's ever!
I have an addiction to buying earrings. I won't tell you how many pairs I bought today. :)

I wanted so badly to take my camera with me today, but I didn't dare since it is so expensive. I didn't want to risk it being stolen! Someday when I am more confident in my Spanish and my navigation of the city, I will take it with me and capture the beautiful markets and parks.

Here's a photo from last night. We hung out with these teachers from Sojourn, and actually, both will be leaving this summer. (Left to right) Jaclyn, Tori, Ericka, me. Tori teaches 5th grade currently, and Ericka teaches 4th. Our photographer was Marlan, Tori's tico boyfriend, and I'm not sure why we are off-centered :). No big deal. Oh, and this is in the apartment where I might possibly live! More details on that to come...


jason.crumrine said...

I got one. Did you know that Turrones is a Costa Rican company that makes the best nougats ever. Now if I only knew someone in Costa Rica that could get me a Doré Turrones de Macadamia. A finders fee of 10,000 colones may be in order.

K Siscoe said...

I'm sure there is much more that you could tell us about Costa Rica. It looks like we are also learning that your uncle likes macadamian nuts.

Kathryn Siscoe said...

I'm on my way to the store this afternoon, so I will look!!! I'll take you up on that $20 for sure :)