Using What I've Got

In what I have come to refer to as ''normal life'' (anything my life was before coming to Costa Rica), if I were to run out of things like makeup or socks, I would just go buy more... If I were to break something, I would throw away the broken one and go buy a new one... If I were to want something, I would go buy it...

Welcome to ''not normal life'' (anything my life became after moving to Costa Rica). Yesterday, I ran out of my favorite eye shadow:

So what will I do? Nothing. I could buy a new one here, but the importation taxes are so high that the price is ridiculous. Besides, coming back to the U.S. in just a few short days helps my waiting, haha. The ''not normal'' part of life is to actually wait until I can pay a decent price when I buy a new one.

A few weeks ago, my hair straightener just completely gave up on life. Like the handle fell off and I kept using it. Then the spring fell off but I kept using it. (Mom would tell you I'm stubborn like that :)) The only reason I stopped using it was because it decided to stop heating up. I put it on the highest setting, plugged it in, and 30 minutes later, it was still cold as ice. Lol. Again, I'm delaying my buying impulses for when I'm back Stateside. 

Then this catastrophe happened: 
I was blow-drying my hair one morning this week and there was a great flash of light and my hair blower stopped working. I thought for sure there was an angel in the bathroom with me or that a lightning bolt had hit right outside my window (LOL)... but no, it was the extension cable blowing up. Of course, I should have known. Thankfully, I was okay and nothing caught on fire in the ruckus that occurred. I think I'll throw the cable away here and buy a new one... when I'm in the States :).

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