I Will NOT Miss...

(also in no particular order)

1. Stinky, wet feet -- Every day during the rainy season, it´s guaranteed that your shoes will be soaked at least one time during the day. This has two effects: your shoes deteriorate before your eyes and your feet smell like wet dog... all the time. Gross.

2. Loooooong lines at the bank -- Seriously, I have waited in lines at the bank longer than I have waited at bus stops. Well, slight exaggeration, but really, it gets ridiculous.

3. Bars on windows -- I don´t notice the bars and barbed wire as much now, but when I see a window or door without them, my first reaction is, ''Wow!!! That looks so inviting!'' Then my second reaction is... ''I wonder how safe that is''... Funny how my perspective has changed.

4. Indirect communication -- I know there are indirect communicators no matter where I go in the world. I know that without a doubt as I have experienced it in the States as well. I say I won´t miss it because here in Costa Rica, it´s almost expected. It´s culturally acceptable to not really be direct with someone, but then it´s also culturally acceptable to go talk to your gossip buddies about what you think about that person. Then the gossip friends go back to the original person and tell him/her what the other person said. Communication breakdown, and like I said, it's almost expected!

5. Machismo -- I can only think of 5 things I will actually miss about Costa Rica, but seriously, this number 5 makes up for 95% of what I will miss. Men's attitude toward women here is AWFUL. We are objectified, condescended to, whistled at, vulgarized, even hissed at... I honestly hate walking past groups of men because now I understand what they are saying about me. The more men, the worse more vulgar the conversation will be. If I am walking on the sidewalk, a man walking in the opposite direction might walk in front of me at the last possible second to whisper something in my ear. I have learned that the less I react, the less they say. UGH it´s just awful. One guy last week was like, ''Good morning, chica'' in an awful seductive tone, and I continued walking, not even looking at him, and he says still in the same tone, ''What's up with you? Are you deaf? Mute?'' Or another day when a man got close and whispered, ''What a princess.'' I was surprised to hear myself saying, ''What an idiot'' as I kept walking. Even a policeman the other day said something to me in a condescending tone of voice... I found it to be very rude, especially considering he's supposed to make the streets safe to walk on. (Sorry, Mom, I'll stop telling stories about this because I don't want you to worry. Yes, Mom, I carry my pepper spray at all times. No, Mom, please don´t worry. I've survived three years now, and I'll survive today!)

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