Graduation Party

After the graduation ceremony, the kids were excited about our graduation party that night at a classmate´s house. A mom helped me do nearly all of the planning, invitations, food, decorations, etc., and so the planning part was fairly stress free for me :)
It was a blacklight party, so all students came in black and white clothes. We hung the mural to block off the rest of the porch to create a party room.

The flourescent paint glowed with the blacklight. Very cool :).

I was surprised by my students' dancing skills. Then again, I shouldn't have been surprised since most of them have latino blood. In case you didn´t know, latino blood = natural dancing talent. My white Caucasian blood has never experienced this natural dancing talent, lol.

We had lots of food like Doritos, Cheetos, and yummy peanut butter chocolate brownie bites. Nothing like some gringo food for a tico party :).

I think this is the best smile I captured all school year form my shyest student. He has progressed so far in his English speaking since he came from Honduras in October. I am proud of him!

The kids discovered early on that if they popped the balloons that were hanging on the ceiling, there were glowsticks inside. They started making hats, jump ropes, necklaces, bracelets, and hula hoops.

The cake was beautiful and matched our painted mural!

A group photo in front of the mural. 19 of my 22 students were at the party.

And then another hyper group photo. By this point, the boys started throwing each other into the swimming pool while I was waving goodbye to all and leaving all the students for their parents to calm down :).

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