Student Writing

I thought I would treat you again to a few student thoughts... Here's straight from their writing notebooks.

life without trees

Hi my name is James and my topick is life without trees. With out trees would be bad becuse if we did not have trees ther would be no climing, no homes for anaminals, no tree houses, no fun, and most of all there would not be life on our planet. We would all die becuse we would not have oxygen. did you know that trees give off oxgyen. If you did isent that cool. yes or no? pleas anser the qestion. I am dune with that topick.

I really like fieldtrips. I also like the olipicks. they come on when I'm twelve and then when I'm sixteen. they come on every four year I've been waiting for them to come on last year Micheal Phelps was Americas heroe hes a great swimme he beat France by a fimger! it was great! I'm proud of him. he was awsome. I couldn't believe my eyes it was the greatest thing ever!

Imedeatly he drew his sword so did Link. They both received a few cuts, before the man knocked Link down with one solid punch. Link got up and asked, ''Who are you?'' ''My name is Ike,'' he replied ''How did you get here,'' Link asked, ''I don't really know, '' Ike said. ''I was in the middle of battling a dark knight, when that portle appeared right in front of me . . . . . the next thing I knew I was right here'' Ike finished. ''So you came here without knowing'' Link said.

(Teacher Note-- This is about the student's mentally handicapped brother)

If sam wasn't here I woudn't be here because sam has saved me 2 times and sometimes I just get mad at myself because I treat him bad or ignore him. When he is trying to tell me something or make me happy. and I feel the same for my other brother henry only I chose to talke about sam because I never talk about him and I think he deserves to be talked about also.

(Teacher Note-- The purpose of this entry was to confuse the reader with homophones... Good luck!)

Who knew that my new book was going to be green. The other kind of flour was the color of the flower. was fair when i went to the fair the fareman wasn't fair i confused myself. miss siscoe said she will get a new nose but she didn't knew that she will get a new nose and her sister knoew she would get a new nose but that they cut her other one so they said they couldn't put the other one on because it was bleeding so she became the girl with no nose. One week she was very weak and so she said to the tail to stare at the stairs. but then she changed her mind and said go up the stairs, see the sea, and stare at the sea. Dear deer, you are very healing heel heal heel. Hares heals will heal very fast. i don't know just write.

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