Camera Withdrawal

I mentally kicked myself all day yesterday for not bringing my camera with me. Seriously, what was I thinking? My initial thought was that it was only one weekend, so I wouldn't have many opportunities to take photos. WRONG. Yesterday I saw at least 20 volcanoes (some peeking through the clouds!), at least 10 craters, islands in the Pacific Ocean and in various lakes throughout Central America, Aztec ruins in Mexico, the beautiful skyscrapers in downtown Mexico City, snow-peaked mountains in Mexico, and of course the beautiful Chicago cityscape all lit up at night. Everytime I looked out the window and saw another beautiful sight, I regretted not having my camera.

And I apologize to you, the reader, that I can't share the visual with you. Bummer, bummer, bummer.

The good news is I get to see my family tonight! It will be the first time I have seen Wes since he left for England in August! Maybe someone else will bring their camera! :)

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