laughing moments

today's funny moment: trish is making pumpkin soup and has poured it in the blender to, well, blend it. i hear the blender roaring and trish yelling so i run into the kitchen to see her jumping up and down, orange pumpkin all over her arms, yelling ''the lid's not on!'' over the noise of the blender. we manage to turn it off and then she says , ''okay, now you hold the lid on!'' so i hold and she pushes the button. but somehow the lid still wasn't on, so then i got the pumpkin all over my arms too and then i understood why she was jumping up and down... the soup was scalding hot!

yesterday's funny moment: trish and i am standing on a street corner waiting to cross the street when this tiny old man runs his cart into the back of my legs. i turn around to say ''ay perdon!'' and he says ''que monstruos!'' as he stares up at me and trish and then huffs off, pushing his cart into other people. ...in case you don't know, ''que monstruos!'' = "What monsters!"

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